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Community Donations

Applications to Various Grants and Corporate Funding Requests 

Town of New Tecumseth

Fundraising Ideas for New Tecumseth Youth

Committee Co-Chair: Levi Buligan (St PAULS) 

As part of his project there is a need to raise funds to finance the All Wheels Legacy Project.  It is important that the youth be a part of this legacy project. The following are some proposals youth may use to raise funds.

Polar Bear Swim and BBQ (Winter 2021)

Snow Shovelling for Neighbours (Winter 2021)

Ball Hockey Tournament (Spring 2021)

Garage Sale (Spring 2021)

Spring Car Wash (Spring/Summer 2021)

Summer BBQ (Summer 2021)

Volunteer Hours:
All Volunteer hours will be recorded by Nottawasaga OPP team members and relayed to indviduals school for recognition.

Community Ideas:
Youth are encouraged to think outside the box for raising funds in our community.  Every and all ideas are welcomed to be brought to this committee.
All Official Events and Funds Raised:
Will be posted on this site and advertised through our social media networks.  
Monies shall not be collected directly by any persons within our community. Community members will direct a clients donations through Website or social media platforms.
All monies raised shall be placed with the OPP Youth Foundation Charity Registration Number 80284 4878 RR0001.


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